the management measures

The identified floodplain management options for the Wollongong City catchment are:

  1. Earthen Levee
  2. Concrete Levee
  3. Flood Mitigation Dam
  4. Flood Detention Basin
  5. Increased Infiltration Capacity
  6. Channel Realignment
  7. Riparian Vegetation Management
  8. Culvert / Bridge Upgrade
  9. Concrete Lined Channel
  10. Debris Control Structure
  11. Local Flood Policies and Development Controls
  12. Notifying Prospective Buyers and Developers Of Flood Prone Land (Section 149 Certificate)
  13. Voluntary Purchase / Removal
  14. Voluntary House Raising
  15. Flood Proofing
  16. Upper Story Flood Free Refuge
  17. Rainwater Tank
  18. Flood Awareness
  19. Local Flood Warning and Flood Forecasting Systems
  20. Local Flood and Disaster Plans

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